The easiest way to explain how I am different and why me… is to tell you of a recent account of a client of mine. This is not my first case by any means, nor will it be my last.

Several months ago I received a phone call from a lady who was quite distressed.  She was concerned for her elderly mother.  Her husband had recently passed and she had purchased a puppy for companionship.

What was supposed to bring some happiness to her life was now making her life a misery.

You see, her new puppy was biting her feet and legs.  A puppy’s needle sharp teeth can really do a number on youthful skin….let alone 60 y/o plus skin.  Her legs were marked and she eventually went to hospital with a related infection.

The most frustrating and infuriating aspect of all of this is that this lady asked for help and simply didn’t get it.

You see this elderly lady was attending a puppy school.  She had told the puppy trainer about the biting.  The trainer responded by saying “puppies bite, ignore it.”

The elderly lady was paying good money for “professional advice” and all she got was “ignore it”.  Unfortunately this advice is all too prevalent in today’s puppy schools.

The hospital trip for this family was the last straw.  She left the puppy classes and I was contacted.

I visited, saw the behaviour in action and taught my client the abc’s of behaviour modification and the techniques that she would need.  By the end of the session the puppy had learned not to bite her feet.

You see twenty to thirty years ago dog training was quite harsh and we have come along way since then and for the better I might add.  The problem is that like most things the pendulum has swung to far the other way, to the point of absurdity, to the point where today you are demonized for simply raising your voice at your dog.  Unfortunately this is the current mindset of most modern dog trainers and their ignore your dogs behaviour advice.

I am different because I offer a balanced approach. I recognize your needs and your dog’s needs.  In the case of your puppy biting your feet I recognise your need in addressing this so you and your children do not get hurt and I teach you simple and effective techniques to make this a reality.  The last thing I’ll tell you is to ignore it!  I also recognise that your puppy has drives/needs that need to be satisfied for him to be a happy and healthy pup.  I know that his biting feet is play…but by the same token he needs to learn that feet aren’t toys. He needs to learn what are his toys.  We need to help him learn that so he can direct his energy and teeth into them and not feet!

So if you want a trainer that’s going to tell you NOT to ignore your dog’s bad behaviour, then I am the guy for you.

And if you want a trainer that is an advocate for both the dog and the human, then look no further!

And  if you want a dog trainer with national accreditation…then what are you waiting for!

Why choose us?

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