shutterstock_130652714This trains your dog but it doesn’t train YOU, plus it does not address the behavioural issues that are unique to your dog in his environment.  We believe that you need to train your dog.  Your dog quickly learns in the structured environment of a dog training facility that the trainer (not you) is a leader to be listened to and respected.  After your dog comes home you may still find your dog does not listen to you, continues in his old habits and you’ll be at a complete loss as to why.

 “Confident effective handling is a crucial element in any training process whether it be desensitising your dog to different things or teaching your dog obedience and therefore something important that you should know”

Sydney’s Home Dog Training Specialists
Dogs Anonymous “it’s rehab for dogs”
Northern Beaches,  Sydney,  NSW
Why not send my dog away to be trained?

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