"A big thank you to my past clients who gladly provided these photos and testimonials!"

American Staffy

Mark came to us when we were at our wits end with our 3 month old puppy(american staffy), we couldn’t handle the biting and howling any longer.2 hours with Mark showed us what WE were doing wrong, not our puppy.  Not only did he teach us how to correct our dogs behaviour, but how to listen to him to ensure the training is working.After not even 24 hours of Mark visiting, our puppy was sleeping downstairs without howling, the biting had decreased by 80% and he was enjoying his training (he can now stay and come on command!).  We would highly recommend Mark to anyone who requires help with their dog, as we learnt, its often the owners, not the dog with the problem.  Worth every cent!  Thanks again

Shelley, Kellyville NSW

Saint Bernard

“I have always wanted a St Bernard since I was 10 years old.  I am now in my late 30’s and figured it was now or never.  Barney is a typical St Bernard, loving, loyal, always hungry but most of all a gentle giant.  I knew that a St Bernard would be a strong dog but I never anticipated he would be as strong as he is!  After a dangerous incident where Barney pulled me across the road to greet one of his doggie friend’s, with no consideration for oncoming traffic or our safety, I knew it was time to get some professional help.Mark came to our home within the week that I called him and taught my family and I some great techniques for dealing with Barney.  With repetition and practice I feel like I am now the leader of the pack instead of the other way round!  Before Mark came I was beginning to dread taking Barney for walks but now we both enjoy our walks and manage to return home each time without me breaking into a nervous sweat!  I can’t thank Mark enough for his expert training techniques and his follow-up support. I would strongly recommend Mark to anyone having trouble with their loveable, but possibly unruly, four legged friend”.

Alison, Strathfield NSW

English Staffy

“We were up at the holiday house and so took Rubes (english staffy). She was so good! dogs actually came up and sniffed her without her biting their heads off! It’s amazing! She still has her moments of barking but we are able to control her a lot easier now. I took her for a walk this morning and a few dogs barked at her but she just kept walking past which suits me fine!  As we adopted Ruby at 1 year we had a lot of hard work cut out for us. With just talking to Mark we were able to implement certain training techniques before we even met him! After his session I finally feel confident to walk Rubes on my own. She has come along way and I’m so proud of her…we couldn’t have done it without the techniques shown by Mark and continuing to implement them after he was gone.”

Lauren, Girraween NSW


” For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted a dog….especially a Labrador. So two years ago, when we moved out of our unit and into our family home, we got Ikey, our black Lab. From the start Ikey was your typical lab, bouncy, excited and friendly.  I did the regular puppy school training and some lead walk training in an attempt to make it known that I was in charge. However, that wouldn’t stop him from getting overexcited when people were around. About a year later, I became pregnant and I noticed that Ikey would sometimes growl around his food, which was very unlike him. He also would growl and at times bark and lunge if we disturbed him from his sleep. As it was sporadic, we did what we could to manage it.

After our daughter was born we noticed the behavior was slowly becoming more frequent. Ikey would also sometimes jump up on us and others and as we were getting a lot of visitors, this was worrying. I realised that just because I love dogs, doesn’t mean I fully understand them or know how to train them. That is when I called in Mark from Dogs Anonymous. He came around that week and spent two hours educating us and teaching us various techniques to get Ikey’s behavior in check.  After Mark’s visit we did our best to continue with the training and although there were some improvements for a while, a few months later we noticed a regression. As our daughter is starting to become more mobile, we were concerned that an accident could occur. Part of our package with Dogs Anonymous was free advice via phone, email or skype so we contacted Mark again with our concerns. On the same day Mark replied and said that instead of a phone conversation, he would like to come back to our house to visit us and go over a few things.  We were very grateful for his effort and dedication to getting Ikey back on track! He went through some of the things we needed to still be doing and some new techniques to try.  Since that visit, we have a very happy, calm and obedient dog! He is no longer jumping up on people, or racing to the door. He is no longer growling over food or if woken on his bed.  Thank you Mark for all of your time, effort and dedication! We would recommend anyone who needed practical advice and guidance with their dogs behavior! Thanks again Mark!

Kristine, Harbord  NSW

English Staffy

“The dogs (english staffys) ruled at my house until Mark from Dogs Anonymous came along and sorted out the problem. Loving them but giving them no clear guidelines was a recipe for disaster. Antisocial  behaviour  such as barking, aggressive  behaviour  towards other dogs whilst walking , lead management and conforming to new rules within the household were some of the issues  Mark addressed on the  first  session. The dogs responded  well with techniques  such as clicker training, luring, targeting amongst others  during  the session. Mark provided  reading  material  and individual strategies for each dog  after the session  to follow up in the next session.  The outcome has been extremely positive. I would recommend Dogs Anonymous to everyone looking for rehab for their dogs.”

Leanne, Beacon Hill NSW

West Highland Terrier

“Nessie (west highland terrier), our obedient and sweet natured dog, recently spiraled into negative and dangerous walking habits. She had taken control of where and how we walked, frequently refusing to budge, making the experience a daily nightmare for us all. We turned to Mark from Dogs Anonymous with great success. From the first phone call he offered immediate and invaluable help. In the first session Mark carefully assessed Nessie’s nature, environment and tendencies accurately pinpointing her issues including the lack of simple rules and guidelines all dogs thrived on. He clearly and respectfully ‘retrained’ me with techniques suited to Nessie and she responded immediately within one successful walk. Armed with a written tailored strategy we’ve haven’t looked back and I’ve confidently continued with clicker training and luring techniques to train her in many other behaviours. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone needing to correct behaviours for their dog to live life to the full.”

Nik, Naremburn NSW

American Staffy X Ridgeback

“Thank you so much for all your help, it has already made such a difference. After you left Bear had a huge sleep on his bed!!!!!! Which is definitely a first. Last night when everyone came home Bear made a few noises but was not as bad.  I am going to sit down with the family tonight and go through everything you have taught us and practise practise practise.”

Sienna, Whale Beach NSW

Rough Collie

“Mark, I cannot thank you enough for your help.  It was great that you came over and saw Angel (rough collie) in her own environment as her behaviour is different when she is out.  Not only am I thanking you but my neighbours are also thanking you.”

Kathy,  Auburn NSW

Jack Russell Terrier

“I’ve known Mark for about three years since he moved in next door.  At a street Christmas party, Mark offered to train Randy.  Randy (jack russell terrier) continued his dog training classes at the local community dog training club and some months went by and I decided to take up Mark’s offer.  What can I say,  by the time Mark left, Randy was a changed dog, in a good way that is.  He was still the same spunky Jack Russell that I love and that will never change however he now listens to me.  When I command him to stop barking, he stops barking.  No questions asked which is a 100 percent turn around from before Mark’s visit and I no longer have to climb down slippery rocks to get him.  He comes to me!  I have no hesitation in recommending Mark’s services.”

Ian,  Belrose NSW