“hi im looking for some at home training for my two dogs …XXXX who is english staffy x .. and XXXXX an amstaff…both are desexed but thwey both have isssues..they are both desexed… XXXXX is a really bad jumper and both are bad with running up and down fences, bad with other dogs etc…we walk them every day and really want some help with making them calmer dogs ….what sort of prices do u guys charge …iv been looking at a few diferent training places buit none seem to want to help once they here staffy…


In all my years of dog training I have never met a more “bullet proof” dog than the am staff. I have thrown every quick fix trick in my book to try and give the owner of the dog hope at the end of a two hour training session. To date, the quick fixes that have worked successfully with other breeds including the english staffy but are rendered null and void when it comes to the am amstaff.phpstaff.(hence no one seems to want to help once they here staffy) In the above case it really is a case of double trouble as the dogs mentioned above will and do feed off each others excitement. This makes the above owners job doubly more difficult. Does that mean that the owner is in a situation with no hope. Certainly not. What it means is that it will not be a quick fix and you will have your work cut out for you. The am staff is (the ones I have met anyway) a bold and fearless dog. Great traits in a trained dog. Not so good in an untrained out of control dog. In our opinion and remember it is only our opinion the training of your am staff will take more time than your average dog and this is especially true if your am staff is distracted by other dogs. This isn’t a problem it means that it will take more training effort and dedication on your part. Because your am staff is bold and fearless it is important if you see the first signs of any problems that you address them immediately. The longer you leave it the harder and longer it will be to rectify. Ideally start basic training and definitely start socializing your new am staff the day you get him and keep it up. It will pay dividends down the track. Ideally the am staff should have owners that are themselves bold and fearless. All dogs need leaders, however this breed needs a strong, no nonsense type of leader so he can be the bold, fearless, well behaved and well trained dog he was meant to be! If you are interested in getting an am staff get in touch with an american staffordshire club and get the good oil from the people who love and know them best.


The American Staffy – The Dog of Steel

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