The images below show both men and women in control of an animal much larger and much heavier than them.  So what gives?  One word CONDITIONING.  These animals have been conditioned (have learned) FROM A YOUNG AGE to follow the leader.  In every image below and every Easter Show you go to it is the human in front and the animal behind.  There is one more thing in common with all these images.  They are all using equipment that is effective for that particular animal.  So if your dog is a mad puller there is only one reason why, and that is because from AN EARLY AGE we have not only allowed him to do so but we also have allowed him to be rewarded in the process many, many times.  There simply is no truer saying than “success breeds success” and this is most certainly the case of the dog that pulls on lead.  Those early morning power walkers rock because they just keep on steaming ahead and the dog just has to learn to keep up and never learns to pull.  Power walkers will alter their pace for the younger dog but their steadfast, focused determination of driving forward does not.

So have you left your run to late?  No way!  Most pulling on lead issues are usually resolved with in the first half of the session!

So your dog pulls….get inspired to make a change

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The dog training industry is unregulated which  means ANYONE can be a dog trainer WITHOUT experience or formal training.  Make sure you are getting what your paying for!  A NATIONALLY ACCREDITED DOG TRAINER has completed and passed a government accredited dog training course.  Accredited Trainer (18 month course),  The 3 Week  Franchise Crash Course dog trainer or the youtube dog trainer.  The choice is yours!