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"4 weeks of puppy school is SOOOOO last century!" Seriously why go to the school when you can have the school come to you!"

"The Sydney Dog Trainer has been conducting private in home puppy training sessions since 2008!"

So.....Say NO to getting the kids ready and fed during a school night for the next FOUR weeks!  Say yes to having The Sydney Dog Trainer come to you during the day at a time that suits you and your family (even on a weekend) for a fun and  exciting 2hr puppy training session!

Say NO to having to share a dog trainer with SIX other families!  Say YES to having one dog trainer exclusively for your family answering YOUR questions relating to YOUR puppy and not others!

Say NO to generic toilet training and YES to tailored toilet training for YOUR home.  The benefits of an in home puppy training are many!  Don't delay and contact us today!

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What is Home Dog Training?

Home dog training is where a dog trainer, sometimes referred to as a home dog trainer will travel to your home and help you with your dog's behavioural issue or conduct private dog obedience or a puppy training session. Depending on the dog trainer, the session duration can range from 1 to 3 hrs. Home dog training visits are generally designed to be one off.

During a behavioural home dog training visit which is sometimes called an in home dog training consultation, the home dog trainer will assess your dog's behaviour and then seek to remedy it.

NINETY-NINE PERCENT of behavioural issues are fixed or greatly improved by The Sydney Dog Trainer. One of the most important aspects of any home dog training visit is for The Sydney Dog Trainer to ensure you have a proper grasp of the behavioural modification techniques used during the visit.

Finally.... AT LONG LAST, in home private puppy training's biggest obstacle (that it doesn't allow for socialisation) has been REMOVED! The advent of early finish vaccines (up to 10 weeks) now enables the OWNER to SAFELY socialise their puppy outside of the home in the real world at their own convenience which is FAR BETTER than doing it within the limited confines of a puppy school.

This now makes private puppy training a GENUINE, REAL, SAFE alternative to puppy school. Private puppy training is fun, informative and tailored to YOUR family and YOUR home environment with 12 months phone support to get you through your first year!

So when someone tells you that "You need to go to puppy school to socialise your dog." You can let them know that it is no longer the case and that you can safely do it yourself.

"puppy training expert!"

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Dog Behaviourist or Dog Trainer?

I'll let you in on a little secret. When you are googling for a dog behaviourist in Australia your search results may return dog behaviourist but in reality you will be getting a dog trainer. Why? Because there simply is no nationally recognised "dog behaviourist" titled courses in Australia to date.

There are dog trainer certification courses in which you will learn how to train dogs and treat dog behavioural issues, just as there are vet behaviourist courses...but on the other side of the completed course you'll be a Dog Trainer, Companion Animal Trainer or Vet Behaviourist....not "dog behaviourist" by strict definition.

So in Australia a dog behaviourist is generally....

A) An accredited dog trainer specialising in dog behavioural issues


B) A non accredited dog trainer specialising in dog behavioural issues

So who or what is The Sydney Dog Trainer? The TSDT is a nationally accredited dog trainer with a CIII in Dog Behaviour & Training who specialises in dog behavioural issues AKA a dog behaviourist. I also specialise in one on one in home puppy training consultations.

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An Unregulated Industry?

You wouldn't go to an unqualified doctor to get medical help, would you? Yet hundreds, if not thousands of Australians every year unwittingly get unqualified or inexperienced dog trainers to help them with their beloved fur friends. To be fair most dog trainers in the past probably started out with no formal training but those days are or should be long gone. In what is now a multi million dollar industry and a good choice of recognised dog trainer certification courses available there is simply no excuse for a dog trainer not to get his certification. I am sure you would prefer a qualified and experienced dog trainer over one who is not.

When choosing a dog trainer your first and foremost question should be is he/she a nationally accredited dog trainer...if not then move on to the next website! Be careful of vague answers such as I am qualified. You need to hear the words nationally accredited! Why? Because those words are your GUARANTEE that you are getting a professional help from a dog trainer that has completed a PROFESSIONAL dog training course by a GOVERNMENT approved provider.

There is one STAND OUT professional dog trainer certification course in Australia and that is The National Dog Trainers Federation CIII in Dog Behaviour and Training.

The National Dog Trainers Federation website states

"The National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF) is Australia’s only government-approved provider for professional canine trainers. We offer a nationally recognised Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training."

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How Much Is Home Dog Training?

Home Dog Training prices can vary greatly between dog training businesses. People who have bought into a dog training franchise obviously have to pay that 50k plus back before they start getting a return on their investment. With on going franchisor fees on every job they will naturally be at the higher end when it comes to pricing as they do not have a lot to play around with. They also do not have flexibility when it comes to pricing because the franchisor will dictate the pricing.

Sole traders or small businesses are generally more affordable. They do have costs but in general not to the degree of a franchisee so their pricing tends to be more competitive.

Generally a visit from a Professional Dog Trainer with the proper qualifications and experience will be similar in price as to what you would pay an electrician or plumber to come and do a couple of hours work on your house.

If you've found a "mow your lawn price" for a dog trainer to come and do a home dog training visit than your most probably putting your dog in to the hands of an unqualified or inexperienced trainer. By the same token you could be doing just the same at the higher end of the pricing scale.

The only way you can be SURE you are getting what you are paying for is to make sure your dog trainer is A NATIONALLY ACCREDITED DOG TRAINER!

good dogs go to good places

Let’s face it.  If your dog is out of control then he is pretty limited in the places he can go.  Socialising your dog properly at a young age, learning to be calm and relaxed around other dogs(NOT SEEING THEM AS PLAY THINGS) coupled with good obedience training will allow you to have a dog that you’ll be able take to some really great places.

Home dog training services

The Sydney Dog Trainer provides professional home dog training services for behavioural, pupppy and obedience dog training all in the comfort of you own home or local surrounds.

Behavioural Dog Training

Puppy Training

Obedience Training

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