newbeachGroup dog training not your thing?  Is your dog just too distracted?  Then in home obedience dog training might just be for you!  An accredited obedience home dog trainer will come and train your dog at a time that is convenient for you.  You will learn sit/stay, down/stay, stand/stay, the recall and how to proof these behaviours so they are rock solid in any environment.  You will be shown both luring and guiding techniques as well as the different phases of training.  A home obedience dog training session is 1hr 30mins in duration,

Obedience training is focused on producing reliability in your dogs performance.  Having a dog that reliably obeys your commands may very well save his life.

So remember, obedience training your dog to a rock star performance will not happen in an hour and a half session. It will takes weeks of daily training on your part for that to happen so remember……..

“repetition is the mother of all learning”