.....that most of my in home behavioural dog training visits are with dogs 2 years or under who have "graduated" from puppy school! Tap screen to reveal why!


The answer is simple. They were told to ignore the bad behaviour and reward the good. My puppy training session is unique because I address the all important topic of how to say no to your puppy!
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My Girl Whiskey....

My 1 year old soft coated Wheaten Terrier started her training from the day we got her and as you can see from the video she is progressing quite well.  Knowing what and how to do it goes a long way!

Group puppy classes are so last year!  Book an in home, one on one, private puppy training session today.  Don’t forget you’ll get 1 year phone help support included!

How Much One on One Time Do You Really Get In 4 Weeks Worth of Puppy Classes?

Would you be surprised if I said only 40 minutes!

Not convinced?  Let’s quickly do the math.  Typical puppy school runs for 60 minutes.  It is not unreasonable to assume that the class would have 6 families/couples.  60 minutes divide by 6 families/couples is only 10 minutes of one on one time during that hour.  Now if we get that 10 minutes and multiply that by 4 weeks that will give us a grand total of 40 minutes.


Compare that with 120 minutes

of personal one on one time that you get during a private in home puppy training session.  That’s 3 times more individual one on one time than you would get from 4 weeks of group puppy classes.  That’s why I am able to provide a complete puppy training session in one visit.  For that period of time you and your puppy have all of my attention!

The Puppy Training Advantage

The advantages of in home puppy training are many.  Here are just a few.  Training takes your home with minimal distractions.  Toilet training is tailored for your puppy and his own environment.  The trainer is able to identify potential hazards that may be avoided. You get one on one time with the trainer for the full session.

During the 2 hrs you’ll learn basic obedience such as the sit/stay, down/stay and recall.  What to do when your puppy bites you but more importantly how to stop it from happening in the first place!  How to correctly handle your pup and a simple technique that if your not familiar with will leave you completely amazed.  You’ll learn why your puppy isn’t listening and how to change it.  So what are you waiting for book an in home puppy training session today!




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