Covid 19 Puppy Training

The latest lockdown has pretty well much grounded home puppy training visits along side Qantas!

Don’t worry unlike other puppy schools who are doing Zoom puppy training with 10 plus families, The Sydney Dog Trainer is still doing what he does best, one on one private training.  Yes for the time being circumstances mean that it will be one on one via a video consultation but don worry you’ll still get the same professional puppy training session and support you would from a physical visit.  I know it’s not ideal but under the circumstances it’s the best we can do.

During my one on one puppy training video consultation you will learn:

Why puppy is biting your hands and how to stop it

How to stop puppy from biting your feet when walking around the house

In depth personalised toilet training strategy for YOUR home

How to properly socialise your puppy

How to get your puppy fully immune as early as 11 weeks!

Why a 16 week finish for full immunity is putting your puppy at risk!

Introduction to puppy walking

Basic obedience

and much, much more

The Sydney Dog Trainer is Sydney’s leading private one on one puppy trainer.

Book a session with Sydney’s best!

The Sydney Dog Trainer is a nationally accredited dog trainer with a Certificate 3 in dog behaviour and training from The National Dog Trainers Federation,  Australia’s only government approved provider for canine professionals.

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