Are You Unknowingly Teaching Your Dog A Bad Habit?

In home dog behavioural training is for dogs with behavioural issues such as problem barking, jumping up, pulling on lead, visitor excitement, reactivity issues, biting/mouthing etc.  The Sydney Dog Trainer is an experienced qualified dog behaviourist/dog trainer will come to your home to implement a  plan and train your dog.  Session duration up to 2hrs max.

The environment in which your dog is trained plays an important part in resolving your dog’s behavioural issues.  So if your dog’s undesirable behaviour takes place out of the  home it is recommended that the training occurs in that place.  If it occurs at home then the training will take place there.

My commitment to you and your dog ensures that no stone is unturned in helping restore a happy dog and household.  There are two main factors involved in a successful home dog training visit.  These are the trainer and the owner.  On my part, I will work with both you and your dog  to ensure you both have a good understanding of the drills/exercises that you will need to do.   On your part there will be some homework to do as you pick up where we left off.  I lay a sure foundation for you to build on.

The knowledge that you receive during a behavioural home dog training visit will place you in good stead not only for any other problems that may arise, but for any dog you may get in the future.

Behavioural home dog behavioural training comes with 12 months free after visit support via phone/email.

Behavioural Home Dog Behavioural Training is available Sydney wide.

Some of the behavioural issues that we treat are:
  • Problem barking
  • Problem digging
  • Aggression
  • Jumping up
  • Pulling on lead
  • Pool excitement
  • Washing trolley excitement
  • Lawn mower excitement
  • Separation anxiety
  • Refusal to get into car
  • Floor phobias
  • and more

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The dog training industry is unregulated which  means ANYONE can be a dog trainer WITHOUT experience or formal training.  Make sure you are getting what your paying for!  A NATIONALLY ACCREDITED DOG TRAINER has completed and passed a government accredited dog training course.  Accredited Trainer (18 month course),  The 3 Week  Franchise Crash Course dog trainer or the youtube dog trainer.  The choice is yours!