The  Professional  Experienced   Accredited      Smarter         Better Dog Trainer....The Sydney Dog Trainer!

Bringelly Home DogTraining Specialist


You’ll be confident knowing that when you contact the THE SYDNEY DOG TRAINER,  that you’ll be contacting a professional NATIONALLY ACCREDITED dog trainer that has been CERTIFIED by Australia’s longest running and most comprehensive dog trainer certification program.

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Couple this with over 10 years practical, hands on DOG TRAINING experience  with hundreds of dogs (including staffy’s) of all shapes and sizes with a whole range of issues from problem barking, jumping up, pulling on lead and more.

My one off visit model so effective, so much so we are rarely called by a client to perform a second visit.

My home dog training sessions are very effective because I teach YOU scientifically proven dog training techniques so that YOU are equipped with the skills YOU NEED to train your dog whether it be for obedience, behavioural or puppy training.



This gives you direct access to me, 7 DAYS a week, for any advice or questions you may have regarding the training post visit. SO DON'T WORRY, I'VE GOT UR BACK!

I GUARANTEE that when you call/email that you will NOT be going to a call centre who has NO idea about dog training, critical period issues and more.  When you call you’ll speak to me the person who will be working with you and your dog.

COMPARE my in home dog training price with others.  Competitors Home Dog Traing Visits can range between 300 and 700 DOLLARS!

 SAVE AND BOOK in home dog or puppy training session by The Sydney Dog Trainer TODAY!

"My dog doesn't listen to me!" Does that sound familiar? Don't worry I'll teach you how to effectively communicate with your dog!

Mark, The Sydney Dog Trainer


in home puppy school

It doesnt get any better. Relax in the comfort of your own home and learn how to toilet train your puppy, basic obedience and much more.....

in home behavioural training

You'll be surprised at just how quickly most behavioural issues are resolved. Common behavioural issues are visitor excitement, jumping up, pulling on lead, mouthing, dog reactivity to other dogs etc

in home obedience training

Put simply you want an experienced dog trainer to come to you and get schooled in to how you go about training your dog. You will learn the phases of training and much more.


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