the sydney dog trainer

5 Good Reasons!

  1.  NATIONALLY Accredited Dog Trainer!
  2.  Over 10 plus years experience!
  3.  Proven track record in helping 100’s of families with their dogs!
  4.  ALL VISITS are designed to be one off with 12 months help support!
  5.  Premium dog training without the premium price!

3 Good Questions!

1.  Does your dog trainer have a nationally recognised certificate in dog training by a government approved provider?

2.  How much experience does he/she have?  Is it 1, 3, 5 or 10 plus years?  The more someone does something, the better that person is at it.

3.   Does your dog trainer include phone support?

Join the hundreds of people

that have had an in home dog training visit from The Sydney Dog Trainer, to remedy their dog’s seemingly hopeless behavioural situation or at the very least improve it!  Join the ever growing number of people now enjoying the experience of having an accredited dog trainer come to their home for a private puppy training session.

"My dog doesn't listen to me!" Does that sound familiar? Don't worry I'll teach you how to effectively communicate with your dog!

Mark, The Sydney Dog Trainer


in home puppy school

It doesnt get any better. Relax in the comfort of your own home and learn how to toilet train your puppy, basic obedience and much more.....

in home behavioural training

You'll be surprised at just how quickly most behavioural issues are resolved. Common behavioural issues are visitor excitement, jumping up, pulling on lead, mouthing, dog reactivity to other dogs etc

in home obedience training

Put simply you want an experienced dog trainer to come to you and get schooled in to how you go about training your dog. You will learn the phases of training and much more.


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