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More and more people are now realising that in home puppy training is today’s smart choice for busy families and couples!  This realisation has catapulted our in home puppy training session in to the most popular service that we provide.

In home puppy training is the smart choice because of the convenience and comfort it offers! Convenient: because we come to you! Comfort: because training takes place in your own home. By having us come to you we take the stress out of what should be an enjoyable time.

In home puppy training means you don’t have to rush to pick the kids up from school, get them get-a-great-start-with-your-new-palbathed, fed, dressed, then drive to class on what will most likely be a wet cold winters week night….with school the very next day!  and if you don’t have kids or you are elderly, you save yourself a car trip and you just can’t beat the knowledge gained during a private training session.  You just learn so much more than in a class environment plus the answers to all your toilet training questions are tailored to your home and not someone else.  If you’ve already decided to do group classes great!  We’ve had clients who have gone or were going to puppy school who still booked a home puppy training session!

For your convenience our visits mainly take place on the weekend when you are not so busy.  If the weekends are busy for you and you prefer a weekday then just let us know.



download (3)We’ve all heard the saying “time is money”.  Have a dog trainer come back week after week and it soon adds up!  That’s why  we’ve designed our home puppy training visits to be one off.  A typical session lasts 1.5 – 2 hours and for your peace of mind comes with…….




24-7-150x150 (1)Have a puppy training question post visit? Not quite sure about something? No problem, just call us any time 24/7 because ALL VISITS COME WITH DOGS ANONYMOUS 12 MONTHS FREE AFTER VISIT SUPPORT via phone, video phone or email!




download (2)No call centres…overseas or local. When you make an enquiry or a booking, you’ll be talking to the dog trainer who will be training you and your puppy.





accredited singleIn an unregulated industry dog trainers abound WITHOUT recognised qualifications. We know your puppy is an important part of the family and that you just don’t want anybody to help you train your pup. When you have a dogs anonymous dog trainer visit, you won’t be getting just anyone, you’ll be getting a professional, experienced, nationally accredited dog trainer and that is GUARANTEED!




saveDo your research! We have! We looked at several competitors pricing and found that in home puppy training visits were anywhere between 300 to 500 dollars and that most were not accredited dog trainers! Call or email us for a quote and you’ll see the dogs anonymous difference! Professional trainers at great price!




pricematchIf you find a lower price from a dog trainer who has received their national accreditation through Delta or the NDTF  we will not only match the price but beat it by 5%. Click here for conditions.





Mark came to us when we were at our wits end with our 3 month old puppy (american staffy), we couldn’t handle the biting and howling any longer.2 hours with Mark showed us what WE were doing wrong, not our puppy.  Not only did he teach us how to correct our dogs behaviour, but how to listen to him to ensure the training is working.  After not even 24 hours of Mark visiting, our puppy was sleeping downstairs without howling, the biting had decreased by 80% and he was enjoying his training (he can now stay and come on command!).  We would highly recommend Mark to anyone who requires help with their dog, as we learnt, its often the owners, not the dog with the problem.  Worth every cent!  Thanks again

Shelley, Kellyville NSW

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