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Welcome to DOGS ANONYMOUS it’s rehab for dogs, Sydney’s premier home dog training specialists. As the name suggests we specialise in home dog training visits teaching both owner and dog proven and effective techniques whether it be for obedience, behavioural or puppy training.



Peak hour traffic, 12 hour days !  You value your weekends and what little spare time you have!  The last thing you want is to go to dog training or puppy classes for 4 to 6 weeks or more which may or may not address your specific training needs. You want the convenience of having an experienced, professional dog trainer with recognised training to come to your house and work with both you and your dog to address YOUR specific dog training, puppy training or behavioural needs!




In Home Puppy School Training

We like to think of it as puppy school without the stress! Have a professional dog trainer come to your house and give you the low down on toilet training, socialisation, basic obedience and more.

In Home Obedience Training

Need to polish up on your recall? Sit/stay, down/stay, drop/stay just not happening for you? Or you just have no idea how to train a dog and want to know how, no problem! Our certified trainers are more than qualified to help you out with these things.

In Home Behavioural Training

We know you love your dog to bits and we also know that your dog’s behavioural problem, at the very least maybe annoying.   At the most it may be driving you insane, causing family fights, divisions and letters from angry neighbours! Don’t worry, we are here to help restore some order and normality to your life!  So whether your dog goes absolutely nuts when the doorbell rings, jumps up excitedly on visitors, chases the cat, scratches at the door, barks at every Tom, Dick and Harry that walks past the house or happens to be the one dragging YOU for a walk around the block, then we have the answer.



download (3)We’ve all heard the saying “time is money”.  Have a dog trainer come back week after week and it soon adds up!  That’s why  we’ve designed our home dog training visits to be one off.  A typical session lasts 1.5 – 2 hours and for your peace of mind comes with…….




24-7-150x150 (1)Have a dog training question post visit? Not quite sure about something? No problem, just call us any time 24/7 because ALL VISITS COME WITH DOGS ANONYMOUS 12 MONTHS FREE AFTER VISIT SUPPORT via phone, video phone or email!




download (2)No call centres…overseas or local. When you make an enquiry or a booking, you’ll be talking to the dog trainer who will be training you and your dog.





accredited singleIn an unregulated industry dog trainers abound WITHOUT recognised qualifications. We know your dog is an important part of the family and that you just don’t want anybody to help you and your dog. When you have a dogs anonymous dog trainer visit, you won’t be getting just anyone, you’ll be getting a professional, experienced, nationally accredited dog trainer and that is GUARANTEED!




saveDo your research! We have! We looked at several competitors pricing and found that they were anywhere between 300 to 500 dollars and that most were not accredited dog trainers! Call or email us for a quote and you’ll see the dogs anonymous difference! Professional trainers at great price!





Quality-Testimonials“I have always wanted a St Bernard since I was 10 years old. I am now in my late 30’s and figured it was now or never. Barney is a typical St Bernard, loving, loyal, always hungry but most of all a gentle giant. I knew that a St Bernard would be a strong dog but I never anticipated he would be as strong as he is! After a dangerous incident where Barney pulled me across the road to greet one of his doggie friend’s, with no consideration for oncoming traffic or our safety, I knew it was time to get some professional help.Mark came to our home within the week that I called him and taught my family and I some great techniques for dealing with Barney. With repetition and practice I feel like I am now the leader of the pack instead of the other way round! Before Mark came I was beginning to dread taking Barney for walks but now we both enjoy our walks and manage to return home each time without me breaking into a nervous sweat! I can’t thank Mark enough for his expert training techniques and his follow-up support. I would strongly recommend Mark to anyone having trouble with their loveable, but possibly unruly, four legged friend”.

Alison, Strathfield NSW