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ASAYGYP!  As Soon As You Get Your Puppy! …….and that’s because you’ll need to learn how to toilet train your puppy correctly.  You’ll need to learn how to interact with your puppy in a way that is conducive to learning good habits and not bad.  You’ll need to learn what to do when your puppy bites your shoes/feet or hands.  I could go on but I think you’ve got the point now.  It is better to learn this right from the get go rather than 2, 4, 6 or 12 weeks down the track!

That may have been best practice 5 plus years ago but certainly not now.  Early finish vaccines mean you can safely socialize your puppy in the real world because your puppy will have full immunity as early as 11 weeks, which is well within the socialization period.   Socializing your puppy in the real word is far superior to that of the limited confines of a puppy school environment.  Early finish vaccines make in home puppy training a GENUINE REAL SAFE alternative to the traditional puppy school.

Having a puppy can be a handful!  So knowing what to do and when to do it, will save you a lot of hassle.  During an in home puppy training session you will learn everything you would in a puppy school…… and more!  So kick back and relax in the comfort of your own home and let the trainer do the driving!   Experience the benefits of a professional home puppy training visit TODAY!

Absolutely!  Puppy training sessions take place mostly on the weekend when you’re not at work and your kids are not at school! If you would rather a weekday or evening session, just let me know.  Just think of it, a 2hr session where the trainer comes to you!  NO MORE SCHOOL NIGHTS of puppy school over 4 WEEKS!

Put simply, the visit is tailored to you.  I can get to see the layout of your house and give you a custom toilet training plan where as a group trainer would only be giving generic information.

I am able to have a quick look around your puppy’s environment and let you know if there is anything you need change. 

The session is fun, stress free ( I do the driving ), takes place in the comfort of your own home.

The reason it is possible is because my 2hr session is with your family!  Your family has my undivided attention for 2 hours!

Compare my private 2hr puppy training session with your family to that of 4 hours of puppy school ( 4weeks x 1hr ) with SIX or MORE other FAMILIES!

Hundreds of families have already enjoyed a private in home puppy training session in the comfort of their own homes.  So what are you waiting for:)



My Girl Whisky

My 1 year old soft coated Wheaten Terrier started her training from the day we got her and as you can see from the video she is progressing quite well.  I’ll teach you the exact same method I taught her! 

Group puppy classes are so last year!  Book an in home, one on one, private puppy training session today.  Don’t forget you’ll get a bonus 1 year phone help support valued at 99 dollars!


Advances in biotechnology has made available a VACCINE that WILL have your puppy FULLY IMMUNE during the socialisation period! 

That means YOU can SAFELY get your puppy out and about to be SOCIALISED without EVER stepping foot inside a puppy class!  

So you don’t have to go to puppy school to socialise your puppy BUT you still need to know how to train you puppy.

We all know the ADVANTAGES that private tutoring, coaching and lessons provide.

Private puppy training is no different.  One trainer for you and your family (not six other families).  The session is fun, relaxed and tailored to you!

Mark Hickey

the sydney dog trainer


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