30-off-ReportsThat’s right 30% off our standard rate of 260 dollars when you USE THE PROMO CODE “CHRISSY 14”!  That means you’ll save 80 dollars off a dogs anonymous home dog training visit!

In home puppy training now only 180 dollars!

In home obedience training now only 180 dollars!

In home behavioural training now only 180 dollars!

I kid you not, 180 dollars is less than half the price of our main competitors who can charge anywhere between 300 to 500 dollars who may or may not have recognized dog training qualifications.

Not so with dogs anonymous, you’ll only pay 180 dollars you’ll get a professional nationally accredited dog trainer come to your house for a one on one dog/puppy  training session and this service is Sydney wide!

Don’t delay as this promotion is strictly limited and will end December 31 2014.  So take advantage and book now AND DON’T FORGET TO ENTER THE PROMO CODE “CHRISSY14”  in our contact form to be eligible for the 30% off.  If calling don’t forget to mention it during our chat!

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