Why videos?

This is something you don’t see a lot on dog trainers websites.  A dog trainer working with his dogs.  We are more than happy for you to view some old assignment videos showcasing our skills……also, we know that there are a lot a dog trainers out there to choose from, both non accredited and accredited.

These videos along with our testimonials and national accreditation in dog training and behaviour should make your choice an easy one!



“Brandi fetching a tissue and binning it in a familiar environment and as you can see murphy’s law is in full swing in this clip.  I am using a weave basket and that basket out of a 360 degree rim at the top has a piece of weave sticking out.  Yes what are the odds that Brandi would place it on that section of the basket so it would not go in!”




“Brandi fetching a tissue and binning it in an unfamiliar environment. You will notice that Brandi is on an intermittent schedule of reinforcement ie she was not rewarded each and every time she did the behaviour. Brandi is a ten year old rough collie. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!”




“An old practical assignment video of Tia searching and passively indicating on a trained scent/odour ginger”