Home puppy training is today’s smart choice for busy families and when the “puppy school” comes to you….well, it’s just SMART!

Tailored to you……we get to see your puppies home environment which can aid toilet training and allow us to identify potential hazards!

Home puppy training offers convenience…..you relax while we do the driving!  Sucess….because training takes place in your own home with minimal distractions!  Unparalleled knowledge……..your family will get 2hrs, one on one time with a professional nationally accredited dog trainer with 10 years plus experience to answer all YOUR questions! Having me come to you will take the stress out of what should be an enjoyable time for you and your family.

12 MONTHS FREE AFTER VISIT PHONE SUPPORT.  Most puppy schools will love you and leave you!  Not me!  I am there with you for the first important year of your puppies life😃!  Have any questions during that time just pick up the phone and give me a call at NO COST!

Home puppy training means you don’t have to rush to pick the kids up from school, get them get-a-great-start-with-your-new-palbathed, fed, dressed, then drive to class on what will most likely be a school night….OVER THE NEXT 4 WEEKS!  Trust me I know what it is like to have a tired child!  Home puppy training is for couples and the elderly as well!

If you’ve already decided to do group classes great!  Ask them if they’ll throw in 12 months free phone support.  If not you’ve got my number.

For your convenience visits take place on the weekend when you are not so busy.






  • Leadership skills
  • Luring and guiding techniques
  • Toilet training
  • Socialising (every day household objects, ie vacuum, broom etc)
  • Sit/stay
  • Down/stay
  • Stand/stay
  • Recall
  • Social walking
  • Biting and chewing inhibition
  • Resource guarding


By the end of the session you will be confident in training your pup new behaviours and how to avoid common mistakes. Plus your pup will not be distracted by other pups when he is learning (this is dog training 101) which can and does happen in group classes.  Session duration is 2hrs.

Remember…………having one dog trainer to one family/couple is CONVENIENT for YOU!….and so it should be!

Whilst having six or more excited puppies with six or more families in a room/hall is CONVENIENT for the TRAINER/TRAINERS!







Have a question? Call us!