When you contact us, you’ll be in touch with Mark, the same person who will be training you and your dog.  You will not be speaking to a call centre who has no idea about dogs or training!


Your typical puppy school runs for a total of 4hrs……over a period of 4 weeks!  Our puppy training session runs for 2hrs over 1 visit and comes with free 12 months after visit phone support!  We are able to do it in half the time because you are not sharing a trainer with 6 other families during those 4hrs!  At a dogs anonymous in home puppy training session you have one trainer per one dog/family for a rock solid 2hrs.  Check out our post if you haven’t already http://dogsanonymous.com.au/puppy-preschool-one-one-puppy-training/

Sessions are designed to be one off to save YOU money and are between 1.5 to 2hrs in duration.

All visits come with free 12 months after visit phone support!

For your peace of mind all Dogs Anonymous trainers are accredited and NATIONALLY recognised!  Our trainers have received their certification through either the National Dog Trainers Federation or The Delta Society.


To contact us just fill out our contact email  form below or alternatively call/text us on 04905454­37